About Us

A quiet walk in the neighborhood with her boys inspired Heather to take a second look at the everyday objects others often pass by. The stay-at-home mom had been teaching her young sons the alphabet. Noah, 4 years old at the time, was the first to see the letters move off the page and into the world around him. "Look Mommy! That tree looks like an E!". Heather, an avid photographer, snapped a picture of three tree branches stretching out side-by-side into what was, in fact, a perfect letter E. Soon there were 26 black and white Alphabet photographs (Thus the name Alphabet Photography) from their family walks adorning their playroom wall, a lesson about letters blossomed into art.

From seeing letters on the wall, friends starting making words, almost as if it was Scrabble, and then soon kids would point out the letters of their names. It was then that the idea of turning these photos into a work of Name Art as a gift was born. Heather kept taking photographs and I set out to learn what I could about framing. We first started out by going to a couple of small craft shows and then decided to launch a web site.

As we grew we found that people enjoyed giving last name picture art as wedding gifts, for special birthdays, for celebrating a milestone anniversary and for Housewarmings. When orders starting coming in fast and furious during the Christmas we realized that our Letter Art had become a one-of-a-kind way to express your sentiments.

From these early beginnings we have expanded our products from personalized art to using our Alphabet Photography to create personalized Name Art Stationary. From here we more recently devised a new way to organize and display either our Alphabet Photography or your family pictures, with the introduction of the Photo Deco Board.

Name Pictures with Letter Art

We hope you will join us experiencing this unique form of art as a way to create a personal touch to your home or the homes of your family and friends.