6 Ways You Can Use Name Art

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Name Art is a personalized style of art that spells out words or phrases using a series of photographs of innocuous, everyday objects. When properly positioned, their letter-like shapes become letter pictures which are used to create a word with meaning or name..

In addition to being a great piece of art to hang in a home, Name Art also makes a great gift fit for a variety of occasions when you just aren’t sure what to get someone. So this year, if you are wracking your brains trying to come up with a classy gift, think about using some of this “alphabet photography” for special events, such as. . . .

1. Holiday celebrations

Christmas is a great time of year to give a person one of these unique assemblages of letter photography. Easy to order and easy to customize, they are the ideal gift for that person who deserves something nice but may not be quite close enough that you can pick out something too personal.

Of course, you don’t need to give away a name. If you love decorating for the holidays, consider getting a name art collection with a traditional holiday greeting or word on it to hang up every year and impress your guests!

2. Housewarming gifts

Because Name Art is often used to spell out the name of a family or a house-friendly phrase, it’s the perfect housewarming gift. The new homeowners are probably already looking for ways to use their suddenly available walls.

Take care of their problem, share in their new adventure, and make the house feel more like a home with a gift that literally puts their name on the wall. Don’t be the person who brings over just another bottle of wine; make the next housewarming party something special.

3. Birthdays

The name-oriented uses of Letter Art make birthdays a great time to present a personalized message. If you’re worried that the series of random objects is too impersonal for a good birthday gift, don’t fret.

Some companies offer you the ability to pick out names from a long series of photos that correspond to each letter. Select objects that remind you of your friend or loved one, or things he or she especially likes. This will make the gift both a literal and an emotional message.

4. Weddings

Much like housewarmings, weddings are the perfect time to celebrate new adventures, new homes, and big family events. Last names are even more appropriate for wedding events; they help you overcome that annoying fog that descends when having to think about a wedding gift.

Do they really need another toaster? Probably not. Name Art makes a statement and is unlike anything else they will receive for their special day.

5. Anniversaries

Hey, if you missed the wedding opportunity, that’s fine! Show your loved one just how much he or she is loved by giving some unique letter photography for your anniversary. In this case a message of love (perhaps the word “love” itself) is most appropriate, but feel free to use your imagination and find the word that best encapsulates your relationship!

And if you come across a chance to celebrate someone else’s anniversary, don’t hesitate to consider the same gift to celebrate their ongoing relationship, too.

6. Roommate gifts

Okay, maybe you don’t have any birthday gifts to buy, and maybe your single status makes it difficult to buy name art for a loved one.

In that case, consider purchasing it for a particularly close roommate that you can’t imagine living without. Make it a joke, an inner secret between the two of you … or make it a word associated with a tough time that you got each other through.