Accenting Interior Design Using Letter Photography

One of the biggest problems women run in to when decorating their home is how to make all the pieces they love come together in one uniform design. You may fall in love with an old armoire but not have a thing vintage to match it with the rest of your space. The basket you found at a flea market may be your favorite item in the room, yet it doesn’t bring a feeling of completion or even correlation to your environment. The gorgeous letter photography you found to create a work of Letter Art is perfect for your living room, but you aren’t sure how to incorporate it successfully. When you find yourself lost under a heap of gorgeous decorations without a common thread, the best way to bring everything together is by using similar accents.

Accents, according to Kimberly Sayers Bartosch, are items that “pull in color, texture, or patterns creating a more complete and even design.” This may be easier to picture in terms of an outfit. The accents of your attire could include jewelry, shoes, scarves, bags, or hair styles. When you are looking to accent decor pieces, try to use items of similar shade, composition, or design. Here are some examples of how you can use letter photography to create Letter Art to assist you in the accenting process.

Curtain Rods

When deciding how to showcase your , you may not want to go for the traditional way of hanging a frame on the wall or setting the framed images on a flat surface. Instead, consider using curtain rods with string, ribbon, or fabric tied to each end to hang your framed Letter Art . Look for pieces of your current decor that you could use for the hangers, like rope or piping from throw pillows.

Decorative Frame

Another way you can accent your letter photography with your home decor is by using a decorative frame for your Letter Art. This can either be a frame that is decorative all by itself or a project in which you made. One of the great advantages of making or decorating a frame yourself is that you can have it match your words or images exactly. This can help you to bring cohesion to your decor. Gluing items to a plain frame helps to make your art come to life in a three-dimensional way that you can’t achieve with most frames alone.

Housewarming Gift using Letter PhotographyAdd More Photos

If you choose to have letter art based on a name or characteristic, a great way to create unity with the rest of your decor is to add something that can bring that cohesion, like more letter photos. Using words like “laugh” or “smile” are great examples of this. Create a collage based off these words using photos that embody what the word means. Images of your family sharing times and laughs together will help bring a feeling of fulfillment to your home’s overall decor merely by accenting those images in simple and meaningful ways.

Try some of these suggestions on using letter photography with your own interior design, and see how well accents work to bring your individual pieces together.