Alphabet Photography Inspires

Alphabet Photography Inspires Us to Look at the Winter Season in a New Way

Brrr…it’s definitely pretty cold outside these days! We’ve accepted the winter season, but we’ve got quite a way to go before we welcome the new blossoms of spring. Right now may not be the most welcome time of year for some—we’re dealing with dry air, shorter days, long and cold nights, and plenty of grey days for a few months. The world quiets down in order to let Mother Nature have her beauty rest. I imagine that her job is no easy task!

Alphabet Photography

But, even though the winter scenery may be lacking the stunning vibrance of its predecessor, it admittedly does take on a beauty of its own. In the calm of the air, one has no distractions and may be able to see things that they couldn’t see before. All of the shapes made in the skeletons of trees that have shed their leaves, for instance, are the perfect place to find images of our alphabet that are the fundamental backbone to alphabet photography.

Alphabet Photography – The Beauty of Letters and Art… Together

Alphabet photography is all about looking for the hidden forms of letters found in every day objects and scenes, then photographing them so that they can be used in a variety of ways. Having a message to convey—like “winter”—is one thing. However, if we add to that some imagery that compliments its meaning—for instance, creating the letters of the word “winter” with bare tree branches and banks of snow—it amplifies the meaning and begins to tell a story. Like the sleeping season of Mother Nature, alphabet photography allows us to look at things a little bit differently, and maybe understand things in a new way.