Choosing Letter Pictures for Name Art

In today’s post, we’re going to show you some examples of our photography of Letter Pictures used in Name Art works of art. You’ll see the difference it makes when you choose various letter pictures next to each other to spell a name.

Letter Picture Selection and Design

Letter Art Designer

Let’s see some different choices in spelling out the name JONES. Here you see the default letter pictures chosen by the website after typing in the last name:

Choosing Letter Picturs

Choosing Letter Pictures for JONES

Next, we can click on each photo letter, and select a different letter picture for each letter. Here’s the Name Art design we came up with:

You can also select a Theme, such as Nature or Rustic, and the website will display alphabet photos in your design from that category. However, please note that for the most letter picture choices, you will need to select the theme of “All” so that you can see all our available photography when you click on each photo letter in your name art design.

Jones in Letter Pictures

Jones in Letter Pictures

It’s also fun to select alphabet photography that is relevant to the person who will hang the personalized name art on their wall. This makes the gift even more personal and appreciated. (Below we chose a tennis-racket O and a guitar E in our design).

We hope you enjoyed this – and “Happy Designing” with alphabet photography images from Letter Perspectives!

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