Choosing Name Art Gifts

letterperspectives-DavisName Art from Letter Perspectives is a perfect gift for many occasions: birthdays, weddings, and Christmas to name a few. It is personal, unique, and just plain fun. There’s nothing more personal or attention getting than getting personalized name art that will be displayed for many years to come.

When it comes to Name Art, you have a few main options: typography or letter photography.


In typography, the name is artfully arranged. These can be beautifully rendered: you can play with different fonts, styles, and colors. However, in the end, it’s still just letters on a page.

Letter Photography

On the other hand, letter photography art is a different spin on name art. It takes objects that surround us everyday and turns them into letter pictures. The letter photography gives a fresh perspective on the world around us. Do you see a Z in a barn door or an R in a tree branch?

We’ve made each letter photo a work of art in itself. Stunning black and white or sepia-toned prints are combined to create not just names but any word you choose, and our framing options let you match any style.

With Letter Perspectives, you have complete control: you pick the word or words to be created, you choose which version of each letter is included, you choose your matting, and you choose your frame.

Not sure what kind of matting or frame the recipient would like? No problem! The letter photos can be purchased separately, or you can even buy a gift certificate to let them have complete control of their artwork. You can even get them printed on note cards or custom stationery.

Personalized Name Art from Letter Perspectives is the perfect choice for any occasion. These beautiful works of art are classy and thoughtful.