Handcrafted, Framed Name Art

In a world full of mass produced EVERYTHING, it’s nice to know there is still a way to get something custom made and created by hand in America by a real person. That’s the way we’ve been creating your framed Name Art at Letter Perspectives from the very beginning when the concept of letter pictures first began.

Name Art Letter Perspectives

Personalized Framed Name Art

Stop and look around you, how many hand crafted products do you see? Probably not many, if any at all. Even something as personal as artwork is often mass produced these days. The idea of a one-of-a-kind, custom made, framed Name Art gift may seem like something you could only obtain in the good old days, but it’s possible here at Letter Perspectives today. Someone painstakingly lines up each Letter Picture to create your framed Name Art, and the difference shows. You can’t fake quality. Like the difference between a cheap plastic frame and a quality wooden frame. Like the difference between a plastic artwork cover and real glass. Like the difference between a last name sign printed out and real letter photos. Or real, original inspired letter pictures versus staged copies. (Maybe we should be flattered.)  The real thing in matted, framed letter photography artwork. We are passionate about creating framed name art of the highest quality that everyone would be proud to give or display.

Last Name Sign

Framed Name Art

We know the Name Art gift you purchase is given with much love and care. If you are giving a very special and personalized wedding gift; want to give a unique anniversary gift; or would like to give a custom made birthday gift, the person receiving your gift can recognize the level of quality almost instantly. The time and care required to consistently create and ship quality custom made personalized name art frames can’t be skimped. We know that if you took the time to custom design and order a Name Art frame, this gift is for someone special, for a special couple, or for a special family. You want to give a gift that makes a statement and has a big impact or wow-factor. You can know that your Name Art gift will be made exactly as you have designed it on our design page, and it will look even better in real life than it looks on the computer screen. Much better, in fact. We’ve been doing this for many years, and yet in our workshop you can still overhear comments about your custom ordered Name Art such as, “Oooh, look at this SMITH frame, didn’t it come out nice!”, or “Wow, they chose such nice letter photos in this last name sign!”. Since every last name sign is different, it’s like we’re looking at the letter photography for the first time around here. Since 2007 we have remained excited about every last name frame creation.

Sometimes it’s just good to know there are still people out there doing things the old fashioned way: by hand with attention to detail using high quality materials and workmanship. We couldn’t make something as personal as Name Art any other way.




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