Creative Ideas for Displaying Family Photos

If you’ve looked at your walls lately and realized that your family photos are a little bit out of date, you’re not alone. It can be a huge project to update that wall of family members and most of us usually just put off photo hanging for another day. But if the most current framed photo you have displayed of your granddaughter has her in a pink dress and pigtails (and she’s graduating high school this year), you may want to consider adding some photos to your “hall of frames.”

So here we’ve listed a few ideas to inspire you to take on that photo display project and show off your pictures of your kids, grand-kids, parents, grandparents, siblings, and all your friends and relatives in a cool way!

OK, first things first. We starting working on a new frame for our Letter Art, one that would let us display our Letter Pictures in a different manner. As we played around with a few ideas, one of our Mom’s saw it and said, “Oh what a great way to keep-up with my Grand-kids” yearly school pictures.

So there it was, a new type of frame for displaying family photos. Who knew?  So now we have our very own designed frame that can be used for Letter Art or for the ever changing family photos.  We call it the Photo Deco Board!

Photo Deco Board Photo Display FrameYou can hang the Photo Deco Board vertically or horizontally and it is designed to hold various sized photos in multiple directions. Because the photos can be popped in or out, this is a perfect way to keep your family photos up to date. Plus, it’s much more stylish than hanging photos on a refrigerator (which isn’t even an option anymore with stainless steel).

Photo Deco Board examples

Another great way to display family photos is by setting up wall mounted shelves and placing individual photo frames along the shelves. This provides so much flexibility in your display and allows you to reconfigure or replace individual frames whenever you’d like. Be sure that the photo of Grandpa holding the big fish is placed up front when he comes to visit! Here is an example of this decorating idea from the Suburban Habits Blog:

Blog Photo Display example

We saw a bunch of other neat ideas for multiple photo displays too, such as:

Hanging multiple clipboards for a fun and funky display, here is one from The Stir Cafe Mom:

Clipboard photo display example

And below is an example of placing frames in a grid design for a sleek look, this one is from Design Mom:

Photo Frames in a grid

And there are also some unique collage frames available with clever designs, this one is from:

Collage frame

With so many choices and options, you can boldly tackle that overdue photo hanging project! It’s really about making the house feel personal, welcoming and inviting, just like home should be. How great will you feel when you see all those current photos of your family and friends smiling back at you. Plus they’ll feel loved whenever they come over.

There are many ways to take photos that are constantly available at our fingertips, the trick is to come up with a system to remember to print and display those pictures. It would be a shame to just keep all those images hiding in our cell phones and notepads. So make a reminder to get those gems printed out and displayed with pride.


While the Photo Deco Board has become a great way to organize photos, it has also become a great twist for creating a great work of Letter Art.  Just select the Letter Pictures you want to create a word or name and create your personalized Letter Art.