Letter Art? It’s hiding in your backyard.

Nature contains letters of the alphabet and makes letters look like artwork! At Letter Perspectives, we look at the world around us differently. One person sees a windblown tree, we see an “E”; another sees thorny twigs in a rosebush, we see an “A”, a strangely shaped tree trunk, we see an “R”… and so on!

Here are some steps to help identify the letter pictures or alphabet art in your own backyard. This is also a great exercise to do with children as they learn the alphabet. Kids have such an open mind, they will see all kinds of letter art and they’ll really enjoy the beauty of alphabet art!

  1. Start with a partly cloudy day. Light bounces off objects differently on a cloudy day to create Letter Art. This really makes the letter art pop!
  2. Really look at everything. You would be surprised at how much Letter Art is out in nature and in the everyday objects you encounter out in your neighborhood. Letter Art is everywhere!
  3. Take your time. Enjoy the scenery and let the Letter Art come to you as you focus on the world around you. When it comes to Letter Art, staring is encouraged!
  4. Search for strangely shaped plants and trees. Sometimes nature does odd things, and there’s usually a Letter Art opportunity hidden somewhere within an oddly shaped plant or tree.
  5. Look for items that have curves and straight lines. If you see an item that has both a curve and a straight line, or intersecting angles, you will eventually see Alphabet Art appear!
  6. Try every angle. If you identify interesting shapes and angles, try looking at it from up high, from the ground, from the back, from the side, and from the front. You can often align it so that your viewpoint forms a Letter and you see Letter Art!
  7. Have fun with it! Letter Art is fun and helps us to remember to see things in a different way. Seeing your backyard or neighborhood park as Alphabet Art is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy!

You can take photos of the Alphabet Art that you find along the way to create your own Letter Art collection. Or you can seek out just the letters of your family name to photograph and make your own family Name Art.

At www.LetterPerspectives.com, we love transforming a family name into Name Art! So feel free to try out our design page and see your last name as a piece of artwork, formed by individual alphabet art photos. It’s fun and free to make Name Art with our Letter Art online!

Of course, a Name Art frame made with our Letter Art alphabet photos makes a great gift too. We want everyone to enjoy the beauty of Name Art as Letter Art photos come together to create beautiful alphabet art.

We hope you enjoyed today’s blog post. Feel free to visit our site and create your own Name Art design. If you decide to order a Name Art frame, use Letter Perspectives Coupon Code BLOG to receive $10.00 off any framed sign order!

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