Framed Name Art for Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is a time for many to have family gatherings to spend time with, and give thanks for, their loved ones. If you love to decorate your home for this special time of year, Letter Perspective’s framed name art can help you create decorations that delight your entire family.

Framed name art begins with gorgeous letter photos, and is complemented with color choices and frame options to design interesting wall hangings for every member of your family. The unique photo choices available for each letter ensure you will be able to tailor each letter to the person, so you can represent your loved ones through art.

Framed Name ArtIf you have multiple families that gather in your home on Thanksgiving, you can also use framed name art to represent each branch of your family tree. Rather than using first names in your designs, you can use last names to capture entire families. You can choose interesting letter combinations that allow you to represent every family member in a single piece of art.

You have a variety of options available to help you create unique decorations for your home. Rustic and Nature letter photos are a great option for the Thanksgiving season, and they will look great with other fall decorations you already have. There are also Sports options, which are perfect for those family members who love football and other fall and winter sports.

Framed name art allows you to create inspired Thanksgiving decorations that you will love to display year after year. Whether you choose to portray every member of your family in wall art, or you use family names instead, everyone who visits your home will love the gorgeous wall art that you create. Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so get started on your decorations today!