How We Handcraft Your Personalized Wall Art

Did you know that each of our works of personalized wall art is painstakingly hand crafted? Our process requires great care and concern in the making of each personalized work of wall art.

We start with unique Letter Art Photos that we photographed in a natural, encountered setting. We do NOT use stock photos or outside photographers to insure not only the authenticity, but also the unassuming and artistic look of our alphabet photography. Also, our Letter Art photos are REAL PHOTOS, printed on the highest quality archive paper by a professional photo printing shop.

Next, your Letter Art Photos are mounted using photo-safe tape to your matting. Our matting is made of acid free fiber material to be of heirloom quality. Great care is given in this step to insure each photo choice you have selected is mounted and lined up perfectly. Your personalized wall art design is of the utmost importance and is being checked constantly as part of our process. Did you choose Sepia Letter Photos? Check! Did you select the “belt-buckle” E? Check! Did you select black matting? Check!

Next we select the framing according to your personalized wall art design specifications. All of our frames are made with real wood – no plastic here! We frame your name art behind real glass (again, no plastic!) and you have your choice of standard glass or anti-glare glass. A dust-cover paper backing is placed on the frame, just like the museums frame their artwork!  Then we install a wire hanger using sturdy screws to insure your personalized wall art will hang nicely in your home for years to come.

When you purchase personalized, custom designed Name Art, you are looking for heirloom-quality that can’t be found just anywhere—we get that! Name Art is the expression of someone’s name as a piece of artwork. To be true Name Art, it must be framed using quality materials and hand crafted workmanship. At Letter Perspectives, we take the time and use the materials necessary to make every piece of Name Art an absolute masterpiece!

Thank you for reading our blog, and we hope you’ll design your very own Name Art at

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