How to design Name Art when gifting

Many folks order framed Name Art as gifts, and the big concern is, “Will this gift be well-received?” Here are some ways to be sure your Name Art gift will be loved for years to come:

  1. As with all gifts, put yourself in the gift recipient’s shoes and think about what you would like if you were receiving the gift.  For example, a first name would go well in a child’s room (a perfect baby gift), but most couples prefer their last name (i.e. SMITH); or adjoining names (i.e. JOHN&MARY) for a wedding or anniversary present. For a family or housewarming, the best gift ideas would be either the family’s last name or an inspirational word (i.e. FAMILY, PEACE, LOVE…)

    Name Art that says LOVE

    Name Art: LOVE with Hearts

  2. If you are unsure of the décor of the gift recipient or have not been to their house in a long time, pick a mat color with a more neutral tone, such as white or khaki. For a modern home, a black mat looks sleek. For a traditional home with earthy tones, a mocha mat looks warm; and for people who are not afraid to decorate with color, a ruby mat looks wonderful.
  3. When choosing the letter art photos, see which photo letters look nice next to each other. Try to balance out the frame by choosing alphabet photos with consistent heights. Also keep in mind the interests and personality of your gift recipient (for example, a guitar-player might like the Guitar “E”)
  4. When presenting your gift, be sure to tell your gift recipient that this is called “Name Art” or “Letter Art”; this will help to sum up what we do here. The idea of seeing your last name as a piece of artwork may be a new concept to some, but once they “get it”, they’ll love it!

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