Letter Art and Your Home’s Decor

A great way to add a touch of personality and individuality to the decor of your home is to showcase words that mean something to you and your family. A creative and trendy way in which to execute this idea is to use Letter Photography to create a personalized work of Letter Art. Letter Art is so versatile that it can be installed and exhibited flawlessly in almost any room in your home. Here are some ideas for types of words to include in your letter art and the styles that work well in specific rooms.


Entry Way/Family Room

letterperspective-imageThese areas are typically the first places seen once you walk into your home; therefore, they are great locations to set the mood for the rest of your space. Think of words that are meaningful to both you and the rest of your family. Maybe you cherish the relationships you have together, so you might want letter art that says “Family”. Or you might be religious and want to choose a word the adequately represents your beliefs. You also might want to display your last name in art.

Another important thing to think about is the current decor of your home. If your home is currently decorated with classic and sophisticated lines and furniture, opt for black and white letter pictures to reflect a more industrial feel. If you have more of a shabby chic space, try for sepia tinted letter photography where the photos use vintage-looking items to create the letters of your specific word.



The most common theme of kitchens is pretty obvious: food! When it comes to the wording for your kitchen letter art, think about your favorite treats or kinds of foods. Maybe you prefer a little “Taste of Italy” or “ice cream”. Whatever words you choose to mount on your wall or set on your counter, be sure you have picked images that reflect the current room aesthetic. Try to use photos regarding food or food items.



Bathrooms are a place meant to clean and beautify. When you are considering the types of words to include in your bathroom letter art, think of words along these lines of thought. For a girls’ bathroom, use words like “primp” or “pamper”. For a boys’ bathroom, maybe words like “scrub” or “soak” would be more appropriate.

Many bathrooms have themes that revolve around water, like lakes or beaches. For your letter art photography, you may want to choose images that use items from these scenes to make each individual letter for your word of choice.



Bedrooms can hletterperspective-image2ave so many different designs that it is hard to say what type of photography you should look for in your letter art displays. Our best advice is to look for images that match the current theme of your room’s decor.

When it comes to the wording in your bedroom, the options are endless. Anything from first names to favorite activities to words like “sleep” or “love” could work. As long as you feel comfortable and happy with what you have chosen, the letter art will be doing its job.