Letter Art: In Keeping With Anniversary Tradition

Another great opportunity to enjoy letter art is to give as an anniversary gift. Framed Letter Art is made with material that applies directly to three specific anniversary traditions:

1st Anniversary Traditional Gift: Paper: A gift involving photographs of letters such as Letter Perspectives Name art would suit the first anniversary perfectly since our alphabet photography letter art photos are made from paper.

5th Anniversary Traditional Gift: Wood: All of our Name Art frames are made of real wood and this would be an opportunity to give a wooden gift for the 5th wedding anniversary.

15th Anniversary Traditional Gift: Crystal or Glass: Letter Perspectives uses real glass in all of our framing (never plastic!) so this would meet the requirements for a 15th Anniversary.

So we’ve established that a framed letter art (or Name Art) sign from Letter Perspectives works perfectly for a 1st Anniversary,  5th Anniversary,  or 15th Anniversary present. However, Letter Perspectives Name Art would really make a perfect present for ANY anniversary because it is a personalized gift and such a unique present. It is a wonderful feeling to receive a gift of your name in pictures. Here are some other applications where Name Art can be used for particular Anniversary gifts:

  • 2nd Anniversary: The traditional gift for this anniversary is cotton, and there are cotton fibers in the matting used in our framed and matted alphabet photography Name Art.
  • 3rd Anniversary: Crystal is considered a modern gift for this anniversary, so the glass used in our frames would qualify.
  • 4th Anniversary: The traditional gift is flowers, a flower “O” could be used in the Letter Art design
  • 6th Anniversary: Although wood is considered a traditional 5th Anniversary gift, it is also considered as a modern (non-traditional) gift for the 6th Anniversary.
  • 10th Anniversary, 20th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary: Name Art makes a great gift for any major or monumental wedding anniversary simply because Name Art is designed as a personalized gift and marks the special occasion perfectly by placing a name in pictures.

Great anniversary gifts are hard to find, especially if you are hunting for the perfect anniversary gift for parents, that special anniversary gift for a husband or wife, or a unique anniversary gift for your adult children. A framed last name of letter art will be your legacy gift that will be appreciated for years to come because it is a personalized gift.

Thank you for reading our blog, and we hope you’ll design your very own Letter Art at www.LetterPerspectives.com.  Feel free to use Letter Perspectives Coupon Code BLOG to receive $10.00 OFF any framed sign order!

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