Letter Art for Gifting this Wedding Season

Now that wedding season is upon us, consider the unique gift of Letter Art for that special wedding present.  Also known as Name Art or Alphabet Photography, this thoughtful gift is one of the most sought after wedding gifts today.

Letter Art memorializes the significance of the couple’s special day. Ninety percent of our Letter Art frame sales are used to spell out a last name, which is just perfect to celebrate a wedding where the couple will be sharing a last name together. (Two first names can always be combined with a heart photo in the middle to honor a couple with different last names.)

Our feedback from newlyweds who have received a Letter Art from Letter Perspectives has been nothing short of spectacular. Couples are awestruck by the thoughtfulness of the gift-giver. If you want to give a wedding gift that will be remembered AND admired, Letter Art from Letter Perspectives is the way to go.

Letter Art for Weddings

Letter Art for Weddings

We used nature themed letter photos in this name art design. Hint: If you’re struggling to choose just the right letter art photos, nature themed Letter Art photos are ALWAYS well received.

However, when making decisions involving Letter Art for Wedding Gifts, we have to say that you really can’t make a mistake when designing your gift (well, unless you misspell the last name…be careful!). People just love seeing their last name in letter photos and they will love that you thought enough to order a custom designed wedding gift of Letter Art.

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