Interesting Ways to Use Letter Photo Art for Your Holiday Parties

The winter months may be frigid, but they also offer plenty of fun by way of holiday parties. There are many ways to decorate for these grand events, but if you want to come up with something new to make your party stand out from the rest, these letter photo ideas will give you some inspiration.


The first step to throwing a great party is to create interesting invitations. You can incorporate letter photo art into your invitations by using letter photos that provide some insight into your party. If it is a small, private affair with your closest friends, look for letter photography that pertains to the lives and memories that you have created together.

If it is a major affair, look for letters that use photographs that brings to mind a party frame of mind. Look for letters spelled with lights, gifts, or even flags and garland to show what you are planning for your event.

Place Settings

Letter photo art can also be used to create interesting place settings for those that are attending your party. Consider purchasing individual letters to represent your attendees, and use small easels to set them up in front of their places. Try to choose letter photography that matches the person – especially if you have more than one person attending with the same first letter of their names. Try to come up with colors and images that will be easy for everyone to easily see which place is reserved for them.


Every party needs some directions to help gets get where they need to go. Use letter photo art to create signs for places of interest at the party, such as “Drinks” “Dancing” “Food” or any other areas that you plan to have available for your guests.