Letter Photography Art for the Hobergs

Traci Hoberg and her husband, Mike, are the parents to a wonderful daughter and son, and they are now first-time grandparents to Aiden. They live in the small Illinois town where Traci grew up. “I moved away when I was a senior in high school,” Traci said of her hometown. “Then I got married, and we moved away for 15 years. We eventually moved back here. My children, Jake and Kelli, graduated from high school here!”

Traci works from home, and Mike travels often. The couple gets to enjoy three-day weekends, allowing them to spend extra time with family, including Traci’s 77-year-old mother. “She is very healthy and active,” Traci said. “She’s my best friend. My biggest joy right now is spending time with my grand baby, too.” Their one-year-old grandson and his parents live far from Traci and Mike, so family visits are always welcomed and treasured.

When she has free time at home, Traci also enjoys homemaking and cooking for her family. “I find a lot of happiness in cleaning my house and decorating,” she said. “I recently had our whole downstairs painted all white.” While she was looking for a unique way to decorate her now-white rooms, Traci discovered letter art photography. She was also looking for a great birthday gift for Mike, something she was having a difficult time deciding on. “We’re at the age where if we want something, we just buy it for ourselves,” Traci said. “My husband turned 60 and the picture was the perfect present.”

Traci had first seen name art at a friend’s house. “It was done by a local photographer who used pictures from our little town,” she said. “My husband is originally from Minnesota, and the pictures of this little town would not mean as much to him. I just started researching online and that’s how I found Letter Perspectives.”

Traci wanted to give him a unique gift that would represent something important in their lives. She decided to use the name art to spell out their last name, Hoberg. “I call him Hoberg,” she laughed. “Not to his face, but when my friends and I start talking, I’ll say ‘Well Hoberg did this.’ There aren’t many Hobergs around here.”

The Hobergs are avid music lovers, and Mike even has an album collection. “Now my favorite is Pandora, where you can put anything under the sun on the iPod,” Traci laughed. When she noticed the image of a record for the letter “O,” she decided that the name art would be perfect. “That meant a lot to have,” she said. “We always have a record on!” She picked out the rest of the letters on the Letter Perspectives website, and soon had a beautiful picture to hang in her redecorated home.

She wrapped it up and gave it to Mike for his birthday. “When he first opened it up and he pulled it out the box, he was like, ‘Oh a frame to put pictures in,’ she recalls. “He did not see it at first, so I told him to look at it again. He said, ‘Oh, it says Hoberg!’ It’s like he finally got it and now it’s really obvious. He really likes it. In fact, he took pictures of it and sent it to the kids and wanted to make sure our grandson Aiden saw it!”

Alphabet Art – A Personalized Gift for Anyone

Traci said she would recommend name art to friends and family, especially those looking to give loved ones a fun, personalized gift. Letter Perspectives’ easy-to-use website, communication with the company and helpful advice made for a positive experience while she was creating her original name art picture. She noticed the company is very professional and the product’s quality is great. “It’s got the anti-glare glass, which shows the picture so much more,” she said. “I called and actually got to speak to somebody, which was awesome because I was able to ask how long it takes, and get actual measurements. It was really helpful!”