Matching Your Alphabet Photography to Your Home Decor

A huge trend in home decor is alphabet photography. This type of decoration and accessory entails photos of average, everyday items that are positioned in such a way as to create the appearance of a letter in the alphabet. Once this letter is documented, it is combined with combinations of other similarly photographed images and placed into meaningful words in order to be displayed around a home or other space. This trend is appealing because of the customizability and versatility of the letter images and their designs. However, in order to have a consistent design theme within a room, it is important to make sure the motif of the images match your current decor.



Many homes choose to have the theme of their homes follow are more natural design. This could include anything from mountains and oceans to any other form of an outdoor theme. If this is the case with the scheme of your home, try to include images of nature in your alphabet photography meant to adorn your walls or other flat surfaces. These nature images may be shots of anything from trees and leaves to animals and landscapes.


Especially if you have boys living in your home, it is likely that you will have at least some kind of sports decor in one room of your house. Be it football, basketball, baseball or soccer, there are hundreds of ways in which you can take sports equipment or paraphernalia and turn it into a stylish, masculine decoration accessory. And this is true for alphabet photography as well. Almost any sports item can be used successfully to create a game-related word to show off in a sports-themed room.


A very popular design theme nowadays is the rustic feel. This could include anything that is vintage, distressed, or otherwise looks like it has been through loving hands over a few generations. A great way to incorporate this aesthetic into alphabet photography is to use older items shot in black and white or with a sepia tint. These filters can give almost any photo a rustic look.

Alphabet photography of meaningful words or phrases could be just what your home decor needs to bring each and every piece together and give your space that complete, finished touch.