Letter Photography – Behind the Scenes

Here’s another look at some of our Letter Photography to give you an idea of how we captured the images. Maybe you’d like to create your own custom Name Art so this article may give you some ideas and inspiration for taking Name Art letter photos, or maybe this will just give you a better appreciation for Name Art. Name Art is the beauty of transforming what we see around us into alphabet photos and then combining the letters of a name into a work of art.

Our letter photography collection has many nature inspired letter pictures, so this time we’ll focus on some of our most popular nature inspired name art letter pictures:

Name Art Letter Photo A

Here we have some plant twigs that formed an A. The key to this letter photo is that there is a complete backlighting from the sun so that the twigs themselves look almost black. The contrast makes us see the letter A.


Name Art Letter Photo OWe can see that this tree trunk had a limb cut off and the O was formed in the tree’s healing process. The nice thing about this name art letter photo is that the outline of the O is so well formed. It’s not just a circle, it’s a true letter O.


Name Art Letter Photo MThis is an icicle formed on a branch to create the letter M. This photo was made possible by both temperature and timing. Nature alone created this beautiful and artistic M. It melted away the same day.


Name Art Letter Photo HThis H was formed by some fallen trees in the forest. The steep slopes of a mountain hillside made it possible to view and photograph this naturally occurring H. A very worthwhile hike for a name art letter hunter.


At Letter Perspectives, none of our Name Art letter photos are staged and all are taken in their natural environment just as we discover them. We have also posted a previous article about taking Name Art photos in nature with some tips and tricks.

Viewing each letter photo as a work of art in itself helps to create the feeling of Name Art when the letter photos are placed together to create a name. We strive to create and capture our letter art photos in a way that makes our Name Art frames artistic and unique. Name Art by definition should reveal the beauty and artistry of letters in a name joined together in an aesthetically pleasing way. Here is the name SMITH as Name Art:

Name Art

If done correctly, Name Art should feel and look artistic while at the same time emoting down to earth connections that bring joy to the viewer. One reason Name Art makes such a great gift is that the person who has the name instantly feels a personal connection with the artwork. Name Art at its initial viewing simply looks like art. How fun it is to discover that this artistic looking wall hanging is actually letter photos put together to form Name Art.

So whether you are finding and photographing your own alphabet letter pictures or considering purchasing a Name Art frame as a gift or for yourself, we hope you have a new appreciation for Name Art.

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