Famous Names of December to Inspire Your Name Picture

A Name Picture, which are artistic compilations of letters of the alphabet that form someone’s name, are a pretty unique and beautiful way to celebrate your identity. After all, your name is a big part of that identity, right? December is a great month to decide to create art of your name in pictures, too—there are quite a few big names in history that have made a splash in this month throughout the years! We associate their names with the amazing things that they’ve done, and so too do people associate your own name with things that you’ve done or personality traits that you possess. What famous names can you think of?

Famous People Inspire Name Picture

Name-Pictures-Christopher Columbus is certainly one name that we all know. It was on December 5, 1492 that he discovered the country we now know as Haiti. On December 29 back in 1808, the 17th President of the United States, Andrew Johnson, was born. He became President after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and was actually the first President to be impeached.

Name-PIctures-Rosa-ParksRosa Parks also has a big name in history; on December 1, 1955, this woman refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger when the “white” section of the bus had filled up in Montgomery, Alabama. She was sent to trial and convicted of disorderly conduct, which led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Less than a year later, it was ruled that the segregation on the bus was unconstitutional. This event is often considered the birth of the modern Civil Rights movement here in the U.S.!

These individuals have made a mark in history, and their names have been remembered for generations. A personalized name picture is a great way to celebrate your own name for all of your generations to come as well!