Personalized Name Art- Christmas Gifts That Show You Care

Christmas should be about more than just the act of spending money on someone else. Buying gift cards or giving cash is really nothing more than just allocating your money to another person. It’s an effort to show them you care, but really loses the whole idea of what Christmas gift giving is for.

So here is a way to give something personal and special: Personalized Name Art! Name Art or Letter Art frames are a great Christmas gift idea because they are a unique gift. Giving personalized Name Art gift really captures the essence of Christmas gift giving. Most people don’t have the time to hand craft Christmas gifts for their loved ones every year, but the act of going online and personalizing a Name Art gift means so much more than just picking up any random gift at the store.

Personalized Name Art or Letter Art provides the feeling of a handmade or hand crafted Christmas gift without all the time required to make homemade gifts. You simply go online , type in the gift recipient’s name or a special word of significance, then continue by clicking on each Letter Art photo and hand selecting each one to create that personalized Name Art, and then choosing the mat color and frame that will look the best and fit with the personality of your loved one. This makes each Name Art frame unique and special just for the gift recipient. It’s as if you hand made a special gift just for your friend or family member!  Name Art allows you to create a custom Christmas gift without the time and hassle!

Custom Christmas gift JONES

They will not only appreciate the thoughtful nature of a Name Art gift, they will appreciate the quality too! Letter Perspectives Name Art frames are made with only real wood (no plastic!), real glass (no plastic!), and real photos and matting (no print-outs!). A hand crafted, custom made gift that your family will enjoy for years to come!



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