Off the Registry and other Wedding Gift Etiquette Questions

If you have a friend or loved one who is getting married or if you recently attended a wedding, you may have some wedding gift etiquette questions. We’d like to answer a few of them here:

  1. Is it OK to buy something that’s not on the wedding registry? Absolutely! Often a couple’s favorite gifts are the creative and unique gifts not found on their registry. One thing that makes Name Art such an awesome present is that it is personal, thoughtful, and one of a kind! If you are looking for a special or unique wedding gift that both the bride and groom will love, this is it!
  2. When is the deadline for giving a wedding gift? Typically, you have one year from the wedding date to give the couple a gift, although sending your gift within several weeks after the wedding would be a good idea so that it’s not forgotten and there are no hurt feelings. You do not need to present a gift at the wedding; you can ship the gift directly to the couple’s address. It is actually more convenient to have non-cash wedding presents shipped direct to the couple and not bring the gift to the wedding so that the present doesn’t have to be carted and carried from the reception hall. The delivery can take place before or after the wedding date, but be careful that the delivery does not occur during the honeymoon so that someone can receive the package.
  3. What if I can’t afford the gift, is it OK to chip in with others? Yes! Especially for a personalized or custom made gift like Name Art. It is a large gift with a grand feeling, and to receive this gift from more than one person would be perfectly acceptable. This would also solve the gift-giving conundrum for everyone involved (They won’t have to figure out what to give the happy couple!)  We have buttons on our design page to E-mail Design to a Friend or Share on Facebook or Pinterest so that everyone can see the design. Be sure to complete the Gift Message, listing everyone who participated in the gift.
  4. Can I give Name Art as a Shower Gift? A framed Name Art sign makes a beautiful presentation at a bridal shower, and this could also be a perfect way to give a group gift! Dividing the gift cost among several friends is common at a bridal shower and everyone can see the bride-to-be say “Wow!”
  5. I really like the idea of Name Art, but I’m not sure of the couple’s taste and décor. Get the couple a Letter Perspectives Gift Certificate!  This way the couple can choose their own letter art design and frame, but you will have introduced them to the great idea of Name Art to memorialize their wedding day! It’s also better than the impersonal gift of cash or wedding registry items.

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