Personalized Art – Personalized Resolutions

What Are Your Resolutions This Year? Combine the Old You with the New You

Happy New Year! Alright, alright, we all know the popular cultural notion of making a New Year’s resolution during the beginning of the year…after all, it’s a new year, and it feels like a fresh beginning, a clean slate to start the newest chapter of your life. New year, new you…right?

Well, not necessarily…just like chapters in a book, our lives build upon each other to tell the whole story. There are some things that you don’t get to change about yourself—your personality, your heart, and your heritage, for instance. You may lose a few pounds this year, but your last name will always be there (unless you’re a woman and you get married, but that’s another chapter of another story)!

Photo Letters, Last Name Art – Beautiful Custom Wall Art

Imagine adorning a wall with photo letters that spell out a beautiful piece of last name art, outfitted in a beautiful frame and standing out against all the other custom wall art that might have a place in your home or office. As you work towards improving yourself, having last name art to look at will remind you of your lineage and how far you’ve come—but also to keep the parts of you that make you who you are. This piece of art is created of photographed letters of the alphabet that are fully customizable to fit with the theme behind you and your last name, and can be a wonderfully celebratory image. Don’t get me wrong—change is great, and we would be nothing without it! Plus, New Year’s resolutions wouldn’t be nearly as important. But last name art or any other
personalized wall art
on the wall that will remind you of a fundamental part of yourself, and maybe even give you that extra bit of pride that you need to actually meet your goals this year!

What are you waiting for? That hobby you’ve always wanted to take up isn’t going to start up on its own, you know…