Personalized Art

Maximize a Small Space with the Right Decorations

Small space in your house can sometimes make it challenging to actually feel like you have turned your house into a home. You might have large pictures or decorations that you want to hang up or creative ideas for how to decorate but a small wall or space can be limiting. If you have small wall space, you definitely shouldn’t let that limit how well you can decorate your home.

Personalized Art

Try some of these tips below:

Personalized Art

Nothing would make a house feel more homey than decorating small spaces with personalized art. You can get personalized art with your name, favorite sports team or other artistic representations of yourself. Personalized art can be hung up in small wall space which can really add more character to your home.

Vertical Shelving

Vertical shelving is another great way to maximize a small space in your house to make it more homey with great decorations. Vertical shelving can be done with flat floating shelves and then adding photos, vases or other whimsical decorations that match the theme of the room or your home.

Creating a Nook

Small spaces can also be used to create a nook for a home office set up if you don’t have room for a desk. In an awkward corner or wall space, creating a space with table tops and floating shelves above it for storage. Customize build a desk or find one that is small enough for the wall space but as long as it fits the size of a computer or laptop.

Use Colors Wisely

Sometimes, the color of a room will play a role in how large or small a room feels. Use light hues and try to avoid using dark colors, which are capable of making a small space look larger. Pick a light color and then use clean colors such as white or gray to color the rest of the room. You will notice a difference in the space.

Add a Mirror

Mirrors in rooms are an old time trick to making a room look bigger than it really is. Add a mirror that is parallel to the floor or you can use it on smaller outset walls in a vertical placement that is not parallel to the floor. Use a mirror frame that complements the wall color or is similar to any accent colors that you may have.