Personalized Name Art

Autumn is one of the best times of the year! Falling leaves dance from the trees in hues of gold, red, and everything in between as the long, hot days of summer disappear into the crisp, mild days that we can relish in before jumping into the cold winter months. During the fall season, you can feel the earth begin its rejuvenation cycle; basically, it’s nature’s way of starting over and preparing for the long sleep before a brand new year.

Renew Your Living Space this Fall with Personalized Name Art

Personalized Name ArtAs the fall season draws closer to its end and the landscape begins to change, you might be inspired to make a few changes of your own to your home or office. Maybe it’s time to toss out old papers and knick knacks to free up space, or perhaps you need to spruce up a room with a new color scheme or some new art on the walls. There really are hundreds of ways to rejuvenate your space, but none are quite as refreshing as finding an item that makes a real statement, one that really makes your home feel more special and personal. A piece of personalized name art might be exactly what you’re looking for!

There’s a lot of identity in one’s name – for instance, just the other day, I ran into someone that I’d gone to high school with, and she was completely unrecognizable to me until she told me her name. Then, I seemed to remember things about her that I didn’t even remember that I knew! Personalized name art uses photography to capture part of this identity using the imagery of the letters that spell the name, whether it’s your own or someone else’s as a gift (maybe they need to renew their space too!). Each letter photo is hand-picked by you to make the best statement, and the hands-on process that you play in the artwork’s creation will make your personalized name art a treasure for many seasons to come, throughout all of the changes and rejuvenation that life might bring your way.