Photo Letter Art to Celebrate Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day

Dr. Suess Read Across America Day is March 2 and it is a celebration of the great books and reading that is available to youth today, including the many works of Dr. Suess. Truffula trees, green eggs and ham, the who’s and dogs who can drive cars are all some of the wonderful stories that Dr. Suess has created to enlighten the minds and stimulate the imagination of youth everywhere.

Photo Letter Art

Photo Letter Art and Dr. Suess

Within the collection of books that you have in your child’s room, you should definitely make sure that Dr. Suess books are a part of that collection. His stories teach important lessons from determination to environmentalism and can be shared with your children in easy ways for them to understand. To take those lessons and teachings to the next level and to go beyond decorating with name photography, you can add some decorations that relate to the very stories that they read and create a fun theme to their bedroom. Consider using photo letter art as a way to bring the themes of Dr. Suess to life in a child’s bedroom. Photo letter art with Dr. Suess specific words can use letter photography to capture the same fun spirit that Dr. Suess gave to his readers.

Try some of these fun words as photo letter art to add in your kids room or in the places where they play and read:


Creatures that are recognized by their bulbous bodies as they float through the water.


A creature who is the anthropomorphic dramatization of the letter ‘Z’


Bird-like creatures who live on beaches


An ice cream-like confection, usually served with a cherry on top.

truffula trees

Trees that are harvested to create sweater-like clothes called thneeds