Struggling for the right gift – Name Art!

There’s always someone on your gift giving list that is impossible to buy for. Name Art is the perfect gift! Even someone who is really hard to please can’t resist the idea of seeing their last name as a piece of artwork. You may be struggling to find just the right gift for a loved one, relative, friend, couple, or family. Name Art is the solution to your gift giving concerns:

But my relative is really, really picky: Custom Name Art made and designed specifically for them is the way to go! Name Art shows that you put extra thought and effort into their gift this year.

But my loved one only wants really nice stuff: You’ve found the right place. Our Name Art is the finest in the business and made to be an heirloom.  The quality of our Name Art is evident even upon the first glance.

But my family member really notices details: At , we create Name Art the old fashioned way! Real Photos, Real Glass, Real Wooden Frames, Acid Free Photo Matting, all made with the ultimate care. We check every detail of every Name Art frame.

But I’ve never seen this person like any gift they’ve received: A Name Art frame from Letter Perspectives is so personal, so well made, and such a nice gift, it’s been known to make the gift recipient cry tears of joy!

I’m trying to find one gift for a couple or family: Name Art is the perfect couple or family gift! They can hang the Name Art on their wall and remember your thoughtfulness for years to come.

A group of us wants to chip in on a nice gift together: Our Name Art makes a great group gift because our frames are large and grand looking. Over 3 feet wide by 1 foot tall! Name Art makes for a great gift presentation from a group.

What if they don’t like it: They will probably love it, but if for some reason this gift doesn’t work out, we are very easy to deal with! Just save the original shipping box and you can ship the frame back to us for a refund or exchange. We have a no-hassle policy and can even work directly with a gift recipient to change out letters or mat color…if you would like a different Name Art design, you’ve got it! We want everyone to be happy with their framed Name Art!

It’s always difficult to deal with a tough gift recipient. But you can be a hero this year and watch a miracle happen as even your most critical relative, friend or loved one falls in love with the gift of Name Art! There’s just something about framed Name Art that everyone loves!

Name Art

Name Art

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to visit our site and create your own Name Art design. Use Letter Perspectives Coupon Code BLOG to receive $10.00 off any framed Name Sign order!

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