Our Easy-to-Use Name Art Design Tool

While some people look at our letter pictures and think about name art for home décor, the many of our framed Name Art works are given as gifts.  This shouldn’t stop you, however, from having fun with our Name Art Design page and designing your last name with letter pictures to create your personalized Name Art. You can create and share Name Frame designs for free on Facebook, Pinterest, or by E-mailing your Name Art design to a friend. Here’s how:

First, on our Home Page, type in the word or name you would like to transform into Letter Pictures. (In this example we are transforming the name SMITH into a Name Art frame.)

Name Art Step 1

Then, our website will load letter pictures, transforming the name into Name Art.

Next, you can click on each letter picture and choose every letter photo. (Please note that the website will automatically load the most popular letter photo for each letter, but you can change every letter and choose the letter photo you like best.) Here we are selecting the “Highway S” to replace the “Chain Link S” that automatically loaded. You can also choose between black and white letter pictures or sepia toned letter pictures. Here we have selected sepia tone letter pictures.

Name Art design steps

Now that we have chosen the letter photos for our Name Art picture, we can select the mat and frame choices to create our Name Frame design. Here we have chosen a Mocha Mat and a Coffee Brown Frame which should go nicely with the Sepia toned letter pictures.

Name Art frame choices

Now the Name Art design is complete! This is where the Sharing can begin. Notice the share buttons underneath the Name Art frame? You can share your freshly created Name Art design via Facebook, Pinterest, or E-mail – for free!

So go ahead and create Name Art for your spouse, your parents, your children, your friends, even your boss (of course, not on company time!). You can transform a first or last name into Name Art or just type in a meaningful word and watch it transform into letter pictures.

If you want to create different Name Art frame designs and save them for later, just click Add to Cart. This stores your designs in the Shopping Cart page and you can always click the Modify button to change the design or get to the Letter Photo Design section where you can post your Name Picture design on Pinterest or share your Letter Picture design for free on Facebook or via E-mail.

Feel free to use the shopping cart to hold and save several name art frame designs. Then when your return to our website www.LetterPerspectives.com you should be able to click on My Cart in the upper right hand corner and your Alphabet Art designs should still be there.  Just like a shopping cart in a regular store, a website shopping cart is a way to hold items – You can always put them back (or delete them) before you go to the Checkout register (or Checkout page).

So what’s stopping you? Start Designing Name Art Now!

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