The Ingredients for Great Letter Photography

Part of what makes our Name Art frames such an interesting and unique gift is that each photo within the frame can stand alone as a beautiful piece of black and white photography. However, letter photography (or letter art photography) is different than regular photography—we have to have “Letter Perspectives” (hence the name of our business!).  Here are some key ingredients to beautiful letter photography.

  1. Being able to see the letter within the photo.  (Note: Some letters are more obvious than others, and some people can “see” letters more easily than others—that’s OK!)
  2. Being able to tell what item or object contains the letter.  (This means we stay away from extremely abstract views of objects or micro portions of objects.)Name Art Letter Photo A
  3. Keeping the photograph in its natural viewable form.  (For example, not turning a building on its side to create a letter—this is very displeasing to the eye.)
  4. Not retouching or changing the photo to create a letter. (We take photos as they actually appear to see the letters as they are in the world around us.)
  5. Not staging a scene or arranging objects to create a letter. (Again, we feel that Letter Art occurs naturally and should be “encountered”, not forced!)

This approach to Letter Photography is the foundation for beautiful Name Art. Our letter photography with our frames are beautiful pieces of artwork that can serve simply as a beautiful grouping of photos to the unsuspecting eye, …or as meaningful Name Art to the eyes that have Letter Perspectives!


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