The Story Behind our Name Art Letter Pictures

Here at Letter Perspectives, every letter picture you see has a story behind it. It all started with the “E” below:

Alphabet Art E

One day, when Heather was on a walk with her then 4 year old son, he said “Look Mom, that tree is an E!” She took her very first letter picture of the letter E and they continued hunting every day for letter pictures until she could photograph every letter of the alphabet, hanging every photo on a wall of Alphabet Art. This is what started Letter Perspectives!

You may be curious about how we found some of our other alphabet art photos, so we’ll touch on a few in this article.

Alphabet Art RR1 While in San Antonio, we couldn’t help but notice a beautiful, winding tree. This tree just looked like it had letter art within it. After tilting our heads up and getting dizzy gazing straight up through the tree, we saw the R! This can be a very difficult letter picture to find in nature, so we knew this letter photo would be a treasure.



Alphabet Art VV4 This letter picture was actually taken during a trip to Canada. Imagine the scene: “Stop the car! Pull over! I see a perfect V for name art!” Although the letter photo looks serene, it was actually a little stressful to guard the road and watch for cars while the letter V was being photographed. But it was worth it! This V makes perfect alphabet art for words like LOVE.



Alphabet Art NN4 We found this N among the many aspen trees in northern Arizona. We were specifically on an alphabet photography outing this day because it had just rained and the sun was peeking through the clouds in a very peculiar way. This created very interesting lighting conditions perfect for finding letters of the alphabet in nature. This N is one of the most used letter pictures in our Name Art orders.


Alphabet Art GG5 Letter pictures can even be found in something as simple as a park bench, just waiting to be used in a first or last name to create name art. It’s good to have a high quality camera available at all times to capture alphabet photos almost anywhere.

Over the years since that first E was captured as Alphabet Art, we have continued to enjoy the beauty of Letter Art and gathered many more letter pictures.


Alphabet Art JONESThe most amazing thing about alphabet photography is how beautiful the letter pictures look next to each other to create name art. From trees, to shoes, to a football, almost anything can be used to create alphabet art!

We’ll post more details about our individual letter pictures in future blog posts. In the meantime feel free to visit our website at to create your very own Name Art. Our letter pictures are photographed with the idea that each letter should be able to stand on its own as a beautiful piece of Alphabet Art, and when placed together to form a word or name, our letter pictures make stunning Name Art to be enjoyed by everyone.

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