Name Art – A nice touch in gift giving

You’ve seen it everywhere — Name Art is now a mainstream home decor item. The big question is: Will MY family member want to hang letter pictures on their wall? Is Name Art something I should consider as a gift? Will they like it?

The thing to remember about buying gifts is that people will always like the gift if it has certain characteristics. A gift that’s given with love where the giver put some thoughtful attention to give something specific and personal is bound to be a winner. So to give Name Art will show you really care to give a high-end, personalized, really nice gift.

Sometimes letter pictures are used to spell out a heartwarming word, such as LOVE, PEACE, FAMILY, or HOME… Below is an image of a Premium Name Art frame spelling out the word HOME in a family room setting:

Letter Art spelling HOME

Letter Art spelling HOME

More often than spelling out letter pictures into Letter Art, people will completely personalize the letter photos and spell out a name to create Name Art. Below is an image of one of our Letter Perspectives Premium Frames spelling out the last name SMITH in a living room setting:

Name Art SMITH in Living Room

Name Art SMITH in Living Room

Framed Name Art is a personal gift that has become very popular as a gift item for Christmas, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, or any very special occasion. You can see personalized Name Art proudly displayed in many homes today.

Our Name Art frames are large, with the Standard Frames measuring 18 inches tall by 39 inches long (over 3 feet long!). The Premium frames are even larger, measuring 19 inches tall by 43 inches long. So they make a beautiful statement in any home setting.

When we create each individual Name Art design, we keep in mind that this is an extremely meaningful gift. That’s why we use only wooden frames and frame our letter pictures (which are real photos) behind real glass. We refuse to use any plastic or cheap materials. When someone chooses Letter Perspectives, they are choosing the highest quality Name Art available.

Not to mention that our letter pictures are real photos of letters encountered out in nature or out on the town. Our letter photos are never staged or manufactured. This is true letter art.

We get it. If you are shopping for personalized name art, it’s because you want to buy something very special. Name Art is very personal and should be displayed in a high quality way. If it is, almost anyone likes it! Because people like nice, high quality things that are personalized and designed with care. That’s why when you ask the question, “Will MY (relative, loved one, friend…) like a gift of Name Art?” The answer will be, Yes!

So feel free to try out our design page at – Type in a name and watch it transform into Name Art. Then you can click each letter photo to choose different letter pictures and see what you come up with. You will also be able to choose your photo tone and frame AND we have our website set up so that you can email your design to yourself or to a friend for free. This way you can get help deciding which Name Art design would be best. Start Designing Name Art that your family will love!