Photo Deco Board ™

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Photo Deco Board ™
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Our Photo Deco Board is a unique and versatile way to display photos. We have specially designed it to artfully display our name art letter photos, but the Photo Deco Board can also be used to display ANY standard sized photos:

      5x7 photos: Fits up to 7,       4x6 photos: Fits up to 10,       3x5 photos: Fits up to 14

Here’s how it works: The photos are inserted into the grooves of the board and displayed as a curved arch. Each photo is easily popped in or out of the board, so photos can be added or removed anytime!

If you are looking for a way to display multiple photos, this is the answer! The Photo Deco Board can be hung vertically or horizontally, so whether you would like to display your photos above a fireplace mantel or in a narrow space next to a doorway, now you can! Made of high quality wood finished in black, the look is classy and clever and ready to hang on your wall.

Product: Photo Deco Board (no photos included—add your own photos)
Size: 44" long by 8" wide (can be hung vertically or horizontally)
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  • (Photo Deco Board Only)

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