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Framed Name Art, A Unique Wedding Gift

When you attend a wedding, it can be easy to stick with the same old blender and toaster gift routine. Instead of following the norm, take a unique and personalized approach to wedding gifts as the bride and groom recite their vows. Make their special day even more memorable with a personalized piece of art to remind them of their new and beautiful union. As the happy couple is flooded with traditional wedding gifts, stand out by giving them customized framed photo art, and proudly spell out their now shared last name.

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Letter Perspectives Example
Letter Perspectives Example

Letter-Based Photo Art

Weddings are a public demonstration of a personal union, and often involve the sharing of names as well as the exchanging of vows. A great way to immortalize the newlywed couple is to create a work of art from their common moniker or unique phrase to symbolize their new life together. Letter Perspectives offers a gift that is as straightforward as entering a phrase you have in mind, and selecting the desired photos for each letter. Alternately, word art spelling “love,” “marriage,” or “forever” are great choices.

Personalized Gift-Giving

From framed name art and wall art to a customized stationary, any couple will adore gifts from Letter Perspectives, not only as a creative gift but for the uniqueness that it offers. As the newlyweds see the beauty that their new artwork spews, they will forever cherish the memory of their big day and the love that is shared. Regardless of who the gift is for, make your attendance memorable with an exceptional, personalized work of art!

The best part about these unique wedding gifts for couples is that they double as perfect anniversary gift ideas!

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